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I'll get to the stories later on, but for now, just poems.Yeah, I write poems occasionally. I've tried every damned way to kill the impulse but it comes back, sure as Scheiße. It's a head condition, leakage of the synapses, useless but persistent. I've tried the whole nine yards, failing at the eighth, so it happens. We''ll start with the poems in alphabetical (not at all chronological) order...

One more thing. All the good stuff herein is still dedicated to this Irish chick I happen to know --

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Abyss All Night Long Apartment Archer Bad Girl Crazy Person Ecstasy

Explosion For Skye at 25 Idiot Foam Jesse 02 Lone Ranger

Melancholy Babe Nocturne Oil Snow Solace Spiritual Journey

Stupid Bastard Terminal Geometries of Love The Light On Us

Washing Up Wind Wisdom Xxxxxxx You