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Jesse 2002



Look, there’s no simple spell for this, no easy map through this,

No flawless team strategy, no clear instructions on the kick flip that,

Flawlessly executed, brings us down on the board

Safely forever. Looking through the book of spells I see you crawling

Out of my grip, flying into walls, charging up the trail

Ahead, stage diver, the Asbirin video, the sharp boy with the cards,

The point guard, my boy. Well, we’ve gone up against each other before,

I’ve guarded you down the court so many times, so much fun.

And in the end you learned to beat me cleanly.

Okay, so you’re a skate punk rocker now, there’s a shocker,

And okay, you’ve got things to do far from home. It’s to be

Expected, man. There’s no simple wizardry here to bring us through this.

But you are my man, I put a spell on you because you’re mine,

As the old old song says, but you know what? You’re not mine

Ultimately, and you will make your way. You are the man

And you will be the man, and I am at courtside, cheering,

Always, in my heart, no matter what I have to say.