A N O T H E R     R O U N D,

M A T E Y?

No question about it, round is da tits!

I mean, the world is hard enough, isn't it?
We're all so hard on each other.
Former lovers hate each other. Friends whack each other.
Communities fall apart, enemies blow each other up.
If only the universe were softer, and rounder.
Oh how I would love to lay my weary head
down on a round, heavenly pillow
and screw off into Eternity.

In the meantime, spirals and circles and wheels
hurl us forward through time toward our destinies.


FUN FACTS about wheels:

Here's a page by some poor fool who's obsessed with
breasts. It used to be on tokyotopless website but it
was taken down; luckily I'd saved it. Now usually I dislike
ridiculing people for their use of language, especially second
or third languages, but this guy comes up with absolutely
priceless shit.
Well, that's it, Pilgrim. You've been a lovely guest,
and I do hope you've enjoyed your stay.
If, as some claim, the end is near and soon
we will all be destroyed by gigantic wheels of fire
descending from above, well at least you've had a little
preview here, at least you'll be familiar with
some of the concepts.

I do hope you've had a few larfs here, in any case.
I don't know about you, but larfter dulls my pain, sometimes.
Anyway, don't be a stranger, and you know
you are welcome to stay longer.