The classification of breasts

Japanese Version

Last Update: Apr. 24, 1996
Text: Karat

Once I thought about the classification of breasts deeply. But even for me, I couldn't think any more than size or style. In example, we cannot say that she has this kind of breasts. If you say like this ; 'So what?', I have no words to say, but this is a kind of maniac action, so I do it. Maybe someone would use the classification for making bra. Anyway, I think there's not any exact classification currently, so I decided to make it clearer.


What we can imagine from the classification finally.

The location of breasts

- How much collarbone and -- is visible.(Related to the fatness of upper body, -- )
- The height of breasts(western girls have a little higher one).
- The ratio of under breast measurement compared to the chest measurement (We can imagine the volume from the difference)
- Angle of upper body (-- type, posture, the difference of out-look when wearing suits or not)

Shape of breast, type of hanging, Way of seperation

- Balance of width and height.(Related to the Shape, Hanging)
- Balance of the breasts and chest.(To be spreaded in the whole chest or not)
- 3 Dimensional shape. In example, bowl, temple bell, flatness.
- Length from the base of chest to the top of the puff.(Related to the Hanging Style)
- Distance of each breast.(Related to the hanging style, the volume of the breats)
- The difference between the top distance and bottom distance of each breast.

The location, direction, size, color of the nipples

- The direction is upper side or not.
- The location is outside or center or inside of the breasts.
- The diameter of the nipples.
- The color of the nipples.
- The feeling of the surface.(---)

The size of the nipples

- Diameter
- Height
- Shape.(cylinder, rack, reverse triangle)

The feeling of the surface

It's possible to classify somehow by just looking. Classified with the feeling of touch.

The detailed texture of the skin

- Texture of the skin.
- Elasticity.
- Hair.

Feeling of touch

- Softness.
- Elasticity.(Related to the visual feeling of the skin)
- Feeling(small, sticky, density)
- Fitness with the skin around.(--)