G R E A T    B A L L S 
 O F    F I R E

leftball rightball
Balls evoke activity, bouncing around, weird meanderings. Some of us love sports because we get to play with balls and other people. Ever notice, Pilgrim, that most of our erogenous equipment is: round? Weird, huh? Well, heck, we like to play with round things! Uh, most of us do, anyway. Dang, I hate to generalize!
But, really, balls are so groovy! So achingly lovely as sailing orbs in the sky, so bouyant, exuberant, supple, pleasurable, not to mention unpredictable!
H o w e v a h,
  if you're sick of balls and balling and all that and you'd rather check out some fun facts about llamas, visit....

this site!

(I never knew llamas were so utterly fascinating and I'm not even kidding.)