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March, 2002. She was set to go.

Three thousand miles, ten hours later, Sam appreciates the relaxed good cheer.

You cross me, you die.

You don't say.








And as we take our leave...

May I help you?

Meanwhile, back on the tour...


What the heck is that place?

Ooops it's a temple!


Right this way folks.

Oh good Jesus.

And then there are the rural folk, odd yet charming in their own special way.

The local horsewrangler.

Goodbye for now, it was swell. It really was.

Did I ever tell you the one about...

No, as a matter of fact, I haven't heard that one before.



Brian and Nick

and Shari.


'Cos nothing compares, nothing compares, 2 U...

This way folks.

Check it out.



Ready to go.

But what the hell is this?




What the...?


And later, even more fun.


Back in the Fall of 2001, upstate New York....


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